About the Artist

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Jackie Jonas learned to tell stories at her grandmother’s knee. Born into a family of gospel singers, preachers and “just plain good talkers”, she learned the power of story early on.  “Stories have the power to transform and to heal, to clarify and guide.  We teach our children through stories, we explain ourselves with stories, and we learn about others through the stories they tell us.”

Audience responses:

Jackie somehow manages enormous subtlety born on strength of tone and words and body.

-- Brenda Graham, Carnegie Mellon University

Your stories were spellbinding – full of humor, energy and wisdom – and they added a great deal to our current exhibition.

-- Janet McCall, Executive Director, Society for Contemporary Crafts

Your stories were so intriguing, so funny, so touching and so well told that the guests were left craving more.  Congratulations on a stunning performance.

-- Rebecca O’Connell, Parent Education Coordinator, Beginning With Books

A storytelling program for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia